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Female wellness. Impactful benefits for businesses.


Bloomth provides progressive and affordable female wellness services. We combine individualized one on one science-based nutrition and lifestyle coaching to address the root causes of illness, not just symptoms, to help our clients balance hormones,  optimize their mental wellness and reduce reliance on prescription drugs.


Give innovative female employee wellness care. Get big business benefits.


Attract and retain talent

Employers who genuinely care about mental and physical health, and prove it with leading wellness benefits, stand out as key choices in competitive hiring markets.  


Reduce absenteeism

Help employees level up their productivity by offering convenient in-person consultations. And by default, be absent from work much less.


Save on prescription drug costs

Reduce the total amount spent on medication as part of your group benefits plan.




What we do

We offer "Women's health" corporate workshops to empower your female employees with the latest nutrition and lifestyle guidance specific to common workforce health problems like fatigue, anxiety, and digestive problems. During our seminars, we will present insights, answer questions, and share handouts 


How we do it

We are different from typical corporate wellness providers who only offer "one fits all" population-based programs. We identify and work individually only with those employees who are ready and willing to take an action. At a fraction of the cost of a standard corporate wellness program, we help you engage your most motivated and at the same time high-risk employees.


About us

Our practice is founded by Jana Tuhman. Jana holds two Master of Science degrees in Biophysics from BIU (one of Israel's largest academic institution) and Biochemistry from UofT. She has more than 10 years of scientific background with extensive experience in medical research including the Hospital for SickKids. 


Best of all, you will see a happier, healthier and more productive people.

Empower your female employees and their families to be proactive with their health and mental wellness, nurture work-life balance, and notice the positive impacts all around.


Some of the many amazing teams we've already helped:



Talk to us to discuss how we can assist your team:


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