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What is our major asset and why we should care.

When we think of living the highest quality of life possible, we often picture a beautiful house, fancy cars, many vacations and maybe even our own private yacht. But all these things hold little meaning if you are a person who is in debt - not necessarily financial debt, but rather an energy debt. Our physical energy is our most essential resource, and if we overextend it then we end up having almost none left for all the wonderful things in life. Despite our desires, financial means, and amount of vacation days, we are ultimately bound and limited to the physical abilities of our body.

The human body has the structure and organization of an incredible machine.

And just like with any other machine we must fuel and replenish it, pay attention to any malfunctions, go in for repairs in time, and take appropriate care of it in order to maintain its function.

Below are a few reasons we should care for our bodies and keep them running smoothly.


If we do not fuel our bodies with the right foods, enough rest, and sufficient exercise we end up accumulating illnesses and diseases – some of which require serious management. This entails spending money on medications, doctor visits, medical tests, assistive devices, alternative therapies, and in some cases also taking time off of work. These expenses accumulate and over time deplete our financial savings.

Hence, it serves as a major long term investment to look after our own bodies and manage our wellbeing.

Stress Less

Ailments and diseases are often accompanied by pain, discomfort, and psychological burden. When your body is not functioning properly it sends little messengers to your brain (called neurotransmitters) which tell your brain that you are feeling unwell. Therefore, you may experience anxiety, restlessness, and feelings of depression.

In contrast to that, a well-functioning body increases the overall sense of happiness, positive self-esteem, and serenity.

Stay Social

A significant advantage to maintaining a healthy body is the ability to then do things with it. A well-functioning body permits us to take a skiing trip with friends, handle a plane ride overseas, conquer a golfing match with our business partner, etc. When we maintain optimal health, it allows us to interact with our community without any limitations. Furthermore, one who is confident in his/her physical abilities is also then comfortable stepping out of their home and being in the public eye.

A healthy body means each system functions as it should and communicates with the other bodily systems. Our body is a complex machine with 11 main organ systems (which we will be covering in our upcoming posts).

All our organ systems are interdependent, and preventive self-care requires allotting some attention to each system.

In the long term, our healthy lifestyle should promote optimal function of the overall body.


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